Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why do We Differ So Much ??!! {DA.SIBLING.STORY.}

Its been too long I haven't compose anything for my blog.
In fact , I haven't even have a peek at it.
Poor baby of mine ( blog okay! )

I dunno y , but this topic just flashed on my mine 2 days ago ...
Its about how differ ... i mean extremely different me and my younger sisters are


Huh?! This is me ...
Am an MRSM student :)
Lazy :) sumtimes laa
I'm 56g ( this holiday season) , 159cm
I love purple soooo much !!! especially lavender
I don't often hear advices ... follow the rules
.Singing.Cooking.Surfing the Internet.SMS. Shopping.


Born on the 16th January 1997

She just achieved 5A's for her
Fierce but undestanding
A good secret keeper
Hardworking at homeworks , school projects
But sometimes a bit lazy on house chores
the youngest daughter
likes to conquer almost everything
sensitive but a big laugher
Loves and crazy about everyting pink
very pamper ...
So the thing with us is that we differ too much that some of the people out there consider us as "not-siblings" ?
Hahaha ... you realy don't know how much we laugh as we grow up when people start showing their "question-mark" faces everytime the issue of us being sibling is brought up ...
All three of us went to the same school which is Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Puteri Wangsa , when i was in standard 4 , my second sister was in standard 1 ...
I can still remember the funny moments at that time , how the teachers have to confront the confusing fact that Amelia is my sister although we don't look alike even an inch , we're also world's apart ...
And things get worser when syasya step in to standard 1 . Well , syasya have this japanese-chinese edges of her face . Haha ... together , we add some more headache to the teachers ..

Well i'm my fingers are restless now
So ... If you want to experience the difference between us , you can add our myspace ...

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