Thursday, February 27, 2014

English College Johor Bahru 100th Anniversary

Hey Peeps!
English College Johor Bahru is celebrating its 100th year celebration this 2014 !

So one of the best way to celebrate this glory 1 century is by wearing the official 100th anniversary shirt !

Comes with many sizes from XS - XXXXXXXXXXL

Collegian Long Sleeve - RM 45 ( black & white ) exc postage
                                   - RM 55 ( colour ) exc postage

Collegian Short Sleeve - RM 40 ( black & white ) exc postage
                                   - RM 45 ( colour ) exc postage

Price can be negotiated.

Too bad it's limited edition ! So order yours now !

For orders & inquiries, contact Aghnia - 0127766280

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kosmetik atau Racun

Zaman sekarang ni dah jadi satu trend untuk beli produk kosmetik online
And, yes, saya pun tak terkecuali daripada menjadi salah seorang pengikut trend tersebut
Bermula dengan satu pembelian kecil, lama-lama dah berani beli makin banyak, makin mahal
Silapnya mereka yang baru nak ceburi shopping online ni bila terlalu mudah percaya
Kemudian, mulalah timbul isu kosmetik beracun, masalah kesihatan & produk tak berkesan

1. Sebelum beli, sila siasat !

Nampal macam meyakinkan je produk tu terus beli? No!
Dekat pasaran tu ada berlambak-lambak produk tiruan
Demand sikit, minta gambar produk yang ada pada tuan empunya online shop
Cari details dekat google ciri-ciri produk tiruan
And compare dengan gambar / details yang diberikan 
Bahaya bila beli produk tiruan ni sebab bahan dia selalu merapu-merapu je
Buat bahan sendiri, beli container sama, buat label lebih kurang and jual harga murah
Analogi saya macam produk tiruan Nike/Adidas
Harganya lebih murah, design lebih kurang tapi kualitinya jauh berbeza.

BEWARE, okay ?!

2. Malu Bertanya Sesat Jalan

Jangan terlalu percaya & yakin pada testimoni yang diberikan 
Sebab bukan susah pun nak buat testimoni tu
Boleh je kawan-kawan, saudara mara atau diri sendiri buat testimoni tu
Tanpa perlu cuba pun produk tersebut boleh buat
Save jela number sebagai nama sekian, sekian
Kemudian, main whatsapp2 or wechat2
Printscreen dan upload dalam laman sosial
So, don't trust too much!
Nak tahu produk tu halal atau tidak, buka laman web JAKIM
Nak call terus pun boleh, mereka akan layan
Kalau jenis produk yang perlu dimakan atau dimakan
Sila check laman web KKM atau Pharmaceutical Malaysia

Jangan Malas! 

3. Market Testing

Kalau rasa baru nak mencuba beli produk online
Sebaiknya cari kedai-kedai online yang biasa dikunjungi rakan-rakan/family
Sekurang-kurangnya kita tahu yang dia memang kedai yang takkan tipu kita
And macam mana keberkesanan produk yang dijual
Dan kalau dah biasa beli dengan dia
Rasanya tak perlu untuk bertukar-tukar kedai online
Melainkan, anda betul-betul dah jumpa online shop yang lebih baik
But make sure, it's worth it untuk tukar kedai tu !

These are some of my favourite online shops :)

So, please berhati-hati bila nak beli produk kosmetik online
Sekali dah terkena, bimbang menangis sampai bila-bila je

Di sini saya sertakan satu link blog produk yang telah disenarai hitam oleh Kementerian Kesihatan.


Monday, February 17, 2014

The Only Exception

Yeah, I know, it's a Paramore song
And it's my current favourite
Why? Because of the lyrics...

You know, sometimes girls get these emotion swings where they overthink of problems that isn't there in the first place
And unfortunately, as I claimed myself to be different from other girls
I, too have the same problem
So, lately it has been about me being single
Duh, I know, it's so silly to feel sad about being lonely
But this is my first time,
Being single for a really long duration,
It has been 1 year 1 month & 13 days already
And I love my single life, I'm not lying, I love this freedom
But I miss my unsingle life,

I miss those lovey dovey moments
I miss texting sweet messages, 
I miss someone calling me at nights,
I miss having someone to care about me all the time,
I miss the 'owning' & 'owned' feeling
I do, I do do do do!
Especially when I see sweet couples...
It kills me inside, seriously
I am JEALOUS! Urgh...

Somehow, as I have experienced too many heartbreaks as I lived
I am starting to think that
Maybe, just maybe, I should quit hoping for my 'dream' guy already
As in, I should quit having feelings or at least pretend like I don't have any?
Maybe, just maybe, I should quit having crushes & expectations
Because it hurts, it hurts and the pain doesn't go away
It stays in the heart, like a scar that still bleeds, ouch!

One thing I learned from my heartbreaks is that almost ALL expectations lead to disappointments
And this disappointment is traumatic, it'll haunt by time
It does not expire with time, with whatever that comes, it stays in the mind
Do you know how scary life is when there's too many trauma to handle?
That is what I am feeling right now... TRAUMA 

I have loved so sincere, but the guy cheated for 2 years behind my back
I have loved too much, but we broke up because the guy wanted his ex back
I have hoped too much, but we stop contacting each other suddenly
I have cared a lot, but the guy never paid attention to me
And still so many more heartbreaks event in my life...

" I fell in love once before & I won't be falling for that anymore..."
"If this is what love feels life, I'm done with it..."

Up to an extent, I have been thinking, and questioning...
Is there really any good guys for out there?
Is there really someone who won't break my heart like the others?
Seeing people getting divorce all over the world adds insult to injury
It worsens the matter to a whole new level

This feeling is overwhelming and sometimes it gives me stress, like a lot !
And I hate the fact that I actually thinking about this at nights
Especially those nights when I feel so lonely, super duper lonely

Paramore - The Only Exception

When I was younger
I saw my daddy cry
And curse at the wind
He broke his own heart
And I watched
As he tried to reassemble it
And my momma swore that
She would never let herself forget
And that was the day that I promised
I'd never sing of love
If it does not exist

But darlin'
You are the only exception! 
You are the only exception! 
You are the only exception! 
You are the only exception

Maybe I know, somewhere
Deep in my soul
That love never lasts
And we've got to find other ways
To make it alone
Or keep a straight face
And I've always lived like this
Keeping a comfortable, distance
And up until now
I had sworn to myself that I'm content
With loneliness
Because none of it was ever worth the risk, well

You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception

I've got a tight grip on reality, but I can't
Let go of what's in front of me here
I know you're leaving in the morning, when you wake up
Leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream
Ooh Ooh... 

You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception
You are the only exception

And I'm on my way to believing
Oh, and I'm on my way to believing

Everytime I hear this song, 
I'd be like, Ohhh I feel you ! I feel you ! 
I think I'll just wait for 'The Person' to come
That one right person that comes at the right time and is just right for me
I believe that one day, I'm gonna meet him anyway
My future Zauj (husband) insyaAllah :')

Waiting... :')


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Why are you taking medical studies?

Last night was indeed a frustrating night,
I was sent to the emergency ward of 'Klinik Kesihatan Bukit Besi'
And the Medical Assistant referred me to Hospital Dungun because of the seriousness of my disease
So I rode an ambulance to Dungun and as I arrive inside its emergency ward is when the frustrating part begins

I have a record of my disease
In meaning that the doctor working at that time can immediately make some tests,
And bring me to the next level of the treatment process,
UNFORTUNATELY, the doctor was an asshole
Sorry for using inappropriate words but yeah, he was 'it'

Why am I so pissed off?
Because he was rude & did not do his work!
As I entered the emergency hall, he immediately ask the nurse from Bukit Besi
"So, what's your doctor doing? Sleeping?"
The nurse faked a smile and left me to be treated
Then he complained about others getting their sleep but not him
He did not do anything else accept sit and blabber about stupid things
He told the story of him getting a black warning letter from the administration
He told his medical assistants that he's hungry

Yes, I am angry because I did not get the treatment I am suppose to have
But I am much more angry that he did not do anything about the other patients
On my left was an 8 months baby having fever at 39.8 degress celcius
The mother told the nurse that 3 days ago she came in for treatment
Because the baby's body temperature was 40.3 degrees celcius
It cooled down for a few days then increase back

On my right is a 6 months baby with very long eyelashes
Couldn't stop crying maybe because of pain
Her body temperature was 38.6 degrees celcius
Her mom kept on scrubbing her back with a wet towel to decrease the temperature

In front of me were old patients,I believe aged 50 and above
Suffering from high blood pressure & asthma
One of them was breathing heavily, gasping for oxygen
Suffocating, barely able to breathe
The other one rubbed her head continuously

So where's the doctor?

He was on his spinning chair
Giving non-stop orders to his nurses
Gossiping about other doctors & hospital staffs
Complaining about having to stay up and having lots of patients
Wanting a raise in his salary & allowances
Making stupid jokes, laughing with his medical assistants

Boo you, doctor Tan ! Boo you !

I seriously hate these types of doctors
It's obvious that they only pursue medical studies to get the 'fame' & 'fortune' promised
So this is a warning to all the doctors & future doctors that have the above mission
You're not qualified to be a doctor, hell no!
Be a celebrity then, if you want to be famous & rich
Because you don't have sympathy or empathy & worst perhaps you don't even have humanity

Hippocratic Oath

"....and I will do no harm or injustice to them."
"...I will enter them for the benefit of the sick, avoiding any voluntary act of impropriety or corruption..."

I thought that doctors have to learn & practice the message conveyed in the Hippocratic oath?

p/s : If you're a doctor & you're not really becoming a good doctor, then change!
       Be a good doctor to your patients, because if they're capable of handling their sickness
       They wouldn't resort you at the first place
       They look up to you for because of your title in the community & your knowledge
       Don't you think it's upsetting if you don't give them the help they need?
       If you will become a doctor and only aiming for fame & fortune
       Please ! Change your intentions now !
       Because it is gonna be such a waste to study & spend hard on your studies
       But in the end you don't really contribute much to the community
       Shame on you! Shame!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Azreen !

February is a month full of birthdays! 

And today is Nurazreen Ezzaty's birthday!

Alhamdulillah, kawan saya dah besar panjang. Dah 20 tahun !
So lepas ni kena lebih matang dan berfikir panjang 
Lebih kuat nak hadapi apa-apa cabaran yg datang

Rindu awak! 
Rindu zaman-zaman suka bergosip atas katil dalam bilik.
Rindu zaman stress kita kena siapkan projek paper 3 seni visual SPM
Rindu berniaga maggi & roti bakar sama-sama.
Rindu keluar outing haram sama-sama.


Jaga Diri, Jaga Iman, Jaga Hati, Jaga Kelakuan.
InsyaAllah kalau ada jodoh, jumpa di UTM sebab saya nak apply degree sana
Study molek deh ! Sayang awak. 

Couple 7 Eleven

Couple 7 Eleven?
Bukan pekerja 7 Eleven mana-mana pun bercouple...
Bukan jugak sepasang couple yang suka pergi 7 Eleven...
Lagi bukan, 7 Eleven jadi tempat berdating couple2...

It's actually a phrase I like to call couples yang berkepit 24 jam. Their relationship is alive 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 4 weeks per month and 12 months per year!

Before that, saya menyusun 10 jari di tangan, memohon ampun & maaf sekiranya apa yang saya sampaikan dalam blogpost kali ini mungkin menyakitkan hati atau menyinggung perasaan sesiapa. Sesungguhnya, saya cuma ingin mengekspresikan pendapat yang terbuku dalam hati sahaja. Pendapat ini tak betul & tak salah.

Asalnya buah fikiran nak menulis post kali ini wujud apabila timbul satu persoalan.
" Kalau dating setiap hari, tak bosan ke?"

Serius lah, masa masih bertapak di kampus dulu, saya kenal sepasang pasangan yang satu kelas, satu kelab, satu kampus, makan bersama, pergi kelas sama, balik bilik masih bergayut & mesej lagi. No offense but, apa lah yang dibualkan kalau setiap hari jumpa and sepanjang hari contact. Tak terasa nak ruang dan ruang persendirian ke? Tak rasa rimas ke?

Okay, mungkin juga, saya terlalu prejudis sebab ada sikit lah rasa cemburu bila nampak couple yang sweet2 ni kan. Al maklum, kita ni forever alone je. *gelak tak ikhlas. Tapi, bila difikirkan secara logiknya, kalau berkepit setiap masa, apalah sangat nak diceritakan, nak diluahkan, nak dikongsikan dengan pasangan. Contohlah, si perempuan pergi kelas nampak kura-kura lintas jalan. Ohh comelnya! Tapi, tak menarik mana lah nak diceritakan sebab si boyfriend kan jalan kat sebelah je. So bila korang hangout, korang cerita apa?
Serius nak tahu... nak tahu... nak tahu ! Nafsu ingin tahu sedang beranak.

Lagi parah bila couple yang jenis mengongkong tak kiralah lelaki ke perempuan. Kalau dah kaki kongkong tu sama je. Bercouple je, belum bertunang lagi, belum berkahwin lagi. Yes, bila ada ikatan ada dua insan, supposingly kebebasan seseorang itu akan terhad tapi tak perlulah sampai nak jadi boss.

You can't do this darling.
You can't do that baby.

Sampai satu tahap, ada satu couple ni. Si Perempuan kena ikat rambut macam ni, macam tu. Tak boleh buat ponytail sebab nampak macam orang kampung. Tak boleh pakai sandal sebab nampak selekeh. Kena pakai macam ni. Kena cakap macam ni. Like seriously, apa motif suruh pasangan ubah totally diri dia sampai macam tu? Kalau setakat nak suruh berhenti rokok, or pakai sopan is acceptable sebab itu untuk kebaikan semua kan. Tapi sampai kena ubah cara pemakaian dan lain-lain lagi. Nampak macam tak ikhlas je nak menyayangi sebab bukan ke kalau kita sayangkan someone, kita terima juga kelemahan dia?

Disadvantages of Couple 7 Eleven

 Masa persendirian terhad
 Kurang masa untuk bersosial dengan kawan-kawan
 Kurang topik untuk dibualkan
 Tiada ruang untuk 'rindu'
  Obvious bila clash
 Pembaziran masa

Advantages of Couple 7 Eleven

  Ada tempat bergantung sepanjang masa
 Everyone knows you are a couple
 Pasangan tiada ruang untuk curang
 Lebih rapat & mengenali pasangan

Sekian, pendapat yang tiada betul atau salah. Kalau terasa, mohon maaf.