Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rants : Discrimination from a lecturer

Alhamdulillah, harini dah ceria sikit, semalam paper Chemical Process Control, paper agak susah, muka dah pucat2 dah habis exam, ada pula yang menambah duka di hati...
"Awak semua ni ada masalah attitude! Tak berdisiplin! Pelajar dari Diploma FKK memang selalu bermasalah, semua ada attitude problem! Memang tahu dah"
Ayat ni, sampai lepas Subuh tadi melekat dalam kepala. Habis down la motivation, dah lah paper susah, kena label terus macam tu, memang terus tak ada mood nak study for next paper. So, ramai among us yang decide untuk have a break yesterday and sambung study harini. Ibaratnya, you baru lepas jatuh tangga bergolek-golek, you dah berhenti bergolek, kawan you tgok, then marah you, "haaaa nilah kau! cuai je memanjang! memang dah kau ni!".
I don't know about you, but personally, I think labelling people like that is never a good thing to do, not accurate anyway. The reason dia cakap macam tu... nak tahu sebab apa? Sebab bila bagi balik kertas jawapan tak say thank you & sebab ada yang masuk exam lambat, ohh yea, sebab habis exam macam ada yang bercakap-cakap, and.... masa nak kutip kertas jawapan tu ada yang still terkial-kial susun and nak ikat paper.
Tak rasa macam petty reasons ke? Baru first time jumpa, dah label macam-macam, alahai. Siap boleh merungut lagi..."Dahlah kena jaga peperiksaan, kena teman pergi toilet lagi".. part ni jadi confuse la jugak. Nampak la macam dia rasa terbeban kena jaga exam first day, mungkin sebab tu kot dia emosi semacam habis exam tu? Atau dia bengang ramai sangat pergi toilet and kitorang exam level 13 but kena bawa toilet level 12. 
Little did she know, orang yang datang exam lambat semalam tak pernah pun lambat datang kelas. She might have a problem, but you didn't care, you sarcastically scold her... tanyalah dulu. The same person had problem arranging her papers after the exam, but what you did? You stand beside her, scold non-stop & tell her you thought of hitting her, making her more panic. She couldn't even breathe properly 5 minutes after sitting on her chair. The least that you could do was to calm her down, tipu tak nampak dia panik, muka dia pucat kot masa tu. 
About saying thank you when handing out the paper. I didn't say thank you but I smiled, I see some of my classmates didn't say thank you but they nod, and ada je yang say thank you. Fine, we're sorry that we didn't SAY thank you. We thought that you would understand that those gestures were polite enough especially after a very hard exam. Didn't know it wasn't enough. We'll say thank you next time, really sorry. 
Even if, memang ada la yang bermasalah tahap gaban sekali pun, tak perlu la label macam tu kot. I swear that bila masuk degree, diploma students dapat banyak gila nak mampus discrimination. Not enough from students daripada platform degree lain, now from lecturers as well. Ibaratnya, you breakup dengan a loser guy, you kata semua lelaki tak guna. Ada seorang perempuan pura-pura cintakan you sebab nak duit you, you tuduh semua perempuan mata duitan. Can't you see that not everyone is the same? Kalau nak label pun... cakap lah, some of you in this class ada masalah attitude ke apa ke... Takpun datang la terus pada yang lambat tu, "kenapa awak lambat", "lain kali jangan buat lagi" or masa students bercakap lepas dah amek kertas jawapan "Senyap dulu" or "jangan bising"... tak ada pun, I rasa standard je kalau paper susah memang habis paper students akan bercakap, tapi cara dia label macam la kami tak pernah exam sekali dengan budak kelas asasi atau matrix? It's totally something normal... not something only budak diploma je tahu buat. 
Ini tiba-tiba, SEMUA pelajar dari diploma FKK bermasalah. Coming from a lecturer yang tak pernah jumpa sebelum ni, tak pernah kenal, tak pernah ajar kami, of course it hurts. Thanks a million to my current lecturers yang tak pernah cuba label kami as one bila nampak any negativity amongst us. May Allah bless you. 
Perhaps I shouldnt be writing about this. Nanti bertambah pula kata ada masalah attitude. But just know, that 3 semesters in degree, every semester, every year, students from diploma kena macam-macam discrimination. It wasn't big enough for us to care before sebab from students, but now, bila lecturer yang cakap macam tu, dia macam dah level lain, LOL
Dear, that lecturer, thank you sebab tegur kami ada masalah attitude. Kami akan cuba improve selepas ini. Kami akan datang exam awal 15-20 minit, kami akan ingat untuk cakap Thank You setiap kali nak bagi kertas jawapan kami, dan kami akan susun serta ikat kertas jawapan kami dengan laju dan padu. Kami juga berjanji tidak akan berkata-kata langsung setelah exam paper kami. Kami janji jadi pelajar yang tak ada masalah attitude selepas ni. Tapi boleh madam/miss janji takkan label student diploma lagi?
Sekian, nanti saya delete. Saya masih marah & terluka (ceh!) Saya tahu tak ada yang akan baca sampai habis pun... lol

Monday, December 19, 2016

Hazelnut Allergy

This is already week 14, and today, I had to skip all my morning classes
I was not feeling well, but I have to blame myself for inviting such sickness anyway
So yesterday, a good friend of mine, Aidil Ali gave me a bar of Ritter Sports

It was this one, White Whole Hazelnuts
I am actually allerged to Hazelnuts, but... I mean see the packaging!
It's so beautiful and good looking and cute and interesting
So I thought, well, let's have one or two bites
But the white chocolate was so nice and rich
I kind of ate half afterwards... and the allergy reaction came attacking

How did it feel like?

First, I would feel like something is stucked at the throat area
Like some kind of would that I could not swallow

Then, I'll feel suppressed at the chest area
It's like there's some heavy engineering textbooks on my chest
Usually this heaviness would depend on how many hazelnut I eat
Which yeah, I admit that sometimes, I act like I'm not allerged to them

Usually, it ends just right there, but not today, no no... 
Guess that I took a little bit too much of Hazelnut last night

My tummy did not feel so well, 
Then I was feeling nausea...
Finally, I had diarrhea and vomitted a few times
So, this was the worst of all the allergic reactions I had
But still, I'm not sure if this could prevent me from eating delicious hazelnut chocolates next time
Now I truly feel what it's like to be allergic to seafood
But seeing shell out advertisements you're like craving for seafood too
Only this is a case of Hazelnut... 

The truth is, I only had Hazelnut allergy since the last 4 years
Not sure if it was not that bad before or I didn't have any at all
And only today, I thought of googling about this allergy, so let's check it out!

Here are some links that you can check out if you realize that you have "reactions" after eating hazelnuts like me :P

From this website, you can know what kind of symptoms that are commonly related to hazelnut allergy which if you have them after eating hazelnut then you are allerged to them. Nothing serious usually, but it kinds of depends on the dose of hazelnut you eat as well.... I guess

And don't worry, Hazelnut allergy is kind of common so it is perfectly normal, you're not weird

This website is more detailed on the allergy reaction that you suffer. You could have primary food allergy or secondary food allergy... well read it up! This website also helps you to prevent allergies by avoiding the source of allergy itself like if you are allergic to Hazelnuts, where can you find traces of Hazelnut and many more.

So, that is all, I guess I should be preventing Hazelnut after this, at least for now, because my tummy is still growling and it is so uncomfortable. Guess that sometimes, desire has no boundary, not even allergies. But do... take care of yourself. be healthy, don't be like me!


Friday, December 16, 2016

High Pressure Processing ( Food Final Assignment )

High Pressure Processing

by : Amalina binti Abdul Halim
Nur Athirah binti Mohd Akib
Rohashimah binti Musa
Siti Zubaidah binti
Nurul Syaheerah binti Che Hasnan
So before anything, let's start with the basics by defining important terms...
According to Google Definition, High pressure means

 Where can we find High Pressure?

1. Daily applications where smaller surface possess larger pressure

2. Pipelines & Pipelines Servicing

3. In the deep sea

4. High pressure equipments

What is High Pressure Processing in Food?
High pressure processing or high hydrostatic pressure has been demonstrated as a non-thermal technique to eliminate pathogenic and spoilage bacteria as well as inhibit several enzymes bring about to enhance safety and shelf-life extension for foods.

It meets consumer demand for freshness without the negativity often associated with other methods such as irradiation. It is a non-thermal preservation and pasteurization technique that causes little or no change in the organoleptic and nutritional attributes of the product being processed, unlike most conventional heat treatments. HPP accomplishes all of this by applying high hydrostatic pressures (between 100 and 1000 MPa) to food products. 

Youtube : HPP - What is High Pressure Processing?

Jargon of HPP
1. Hydrostatic pressure
Hydrostatic pressure is applied to food products through a water bath that surrounds the product. The hydrostatic pressure is transmitted to food products equally from all sides. This equal distribution of pressure is the reason why foods are not crushed during treatment. This type of pressure also has little effect on covalent bonds, and as a result, the foods being processed do not undergo significant chemical transformations.

2. Pascalization

This is the synonym of High Pressure Processing. Other similar terms would be bridgmanization and also high hydrostatic pressure processing.

3. Hyperbaric

Of or involving a gas at a pressure greater than normal.

4. Organoleptic

-being, affecting or relating to qualities (as taste, colour, odor, feel) of a substance (as a food or drug) that stimulate the sense organs
- involving the use of sense organs ( organoleptic evaluation of food)

Mechanism of High Pressure Processing 

1. Causing lethal effects on microorganisms

- affects cell morphology, membranes & spore coats
- denatures proteins & enzymes
- permeability of membranes ---> leakage

2. Sensitivity to High Pressure Processing
Gram Negatives > Yeast/Mold > Gram Positives >Spores 

3. Product Specific
The inactivation dependent on pH, RH, medium/food, exposure time, pressure level, etc. 

4. Chemical Effects
  • - Disruption hydrophobic & ionic bonds, unlike heat which breaks covalent bonds
    Enzyme response varies; inactivated or stimulated depending on tertiary structure, internal        charges
    -Vitamins, flavors, color compounds minimally affected 
    Gels starchy substances (eg. viscosity of pectin is increased less pectin is sufficient)
Other links:

Comparison of High Pressure Processing & Other Preservation Methods

Youtube : How does HPP Compare to Other Food Safety Measure

Equipments in High Pressure Processing

Youtube : High Pressure Processing for Food Products

Other links:
Principle of High Pressure Processing

References : 

Applications of High Pressure Processing

References : 
  • Naik L., Sharma R., Rajputy Y. S. and Manju G. 2013. Application of High Pressure Processing Technology for Dairy Food Preservation- Future Perspective : Review. Journal of Animal Production Advance. 3 (8) : 232-241
  • David H. Kingsley. 2013. High Pressure Processing and its Application to the Challenge of Virus Contaminated Food. Food and Environmental Virology. 5 (1) : 1-12

Advantages of High Pressure Processing

Other links : 

Disadvantages of High Pressure Processing

There are also a lot of challenges in terms of research especially to proof to consumers and others that HPP is a better/ good method to preserve food compare to other methods. The following are the examples of challenges that are often faced in assessing High Pressure Processing.

Challenge #1 : Horticultural Products

Challenge #2 : Ready to Eat Meals

Challenge #3 : Oysters 

Frequently Asked Questions for High Pressure Processing

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