Saturday, September 29, 2012

Everlasting friendship ♥

Hola Mundo!! (Hello World!!)
Hahaha I actually learned that from my computer programming class :)

I am here... "struggling" (not really)  for my final exam in UiTM Dungun 
But my heart is missing UTHM so damn much!
I miss the bittersweet moments in UTHM
Furthermore, I miss the people in UTHM

I don't really enjoy my days in school..
So, UTHM means so much to me
It was a fresh start for me after being bullied for straight 5 years in school


Program persediaan diploma UTHM
I learned a lot from this program
Seriously, the knowledge could really last for a long time
The syllabus they have in UTHM and in UiTM are totally different
I mean SO damn different that the first few weeks in UiTM was a culture shock to me
But revising back my course outline...
The things I learned in UTHM are especially Calculus & Algebra are meant to be learned on my second & third semester here in Dungun
So, yeah... Alhamdulillah, at least I am not gonna be that blurred as I am in the first semester

Okay, let's stop talking about study, course outline, bla...bla...
Everyone knows that discussing on studies can be really boring
Well, it is boring anyway...
So, let's talk about the people 


Diba Elleya Shahari actually
OH How I miss this beautiful lady...
Roomate + Classmate + Sleepingmate + Shoppingmate + Besties
Most of my days in UTHM was spent with her
And.. how I miss those precious days 
I miss waking her up every morning to go to class by calling her cellphone
I miss going to Karaoke with her everytime we feel tensed 
I miss our crazy night dance in our room
I miss our late night in-front-of-lappy-moment
I miss cutting class with you

Sayang, good luck in UTHM
I know you can do it excellently in Civil Engineering
You're always in mind dear.


Nananana ganu kita.... Haha sorry
The only thing that I can think of about 'nana' here in Terengganu
Nurul Adrina Razali my dear Teletubbies
Yup! She's as chubby and cute as 'Po' in teletubbies that why we call her by the name
Anyway she's always with her cute and unexpected actions
Just like teletubbies!!
I'm really glad that she liked my birthday plans for her
I'm just delighted to do something for my beloved friends 

And getting punished for all those 'tepung' and 'wet stuffs' on the road 
Was just a 'cool' memory we had
Well, getting into trouble is our style anyway kan?
Muah muah muah teletubbies :*


OH my lala...
Hehe well, if you realised.. they all have the same nickname pattern
Yup! We came up with names like "BABA, MAMA, NANA & LALA"
Lalalalala... she's always the place for me to tell my problems
To open up all the fussy things in my chest and mind
She's always the 'good one' among us
Sometimes I felt guilty of making her join our  bad plans
HAHAHA but jyeah, we had lots of fun!!!
And how I miss playing fun games on her Samsung Galaxy Ace 
And pity her, I killed 17 of her sheeps in the 'Clouds & Sheeps' game
Sorry dear... I miss you LALA dear.

"May our friendship last forever...Insyallah"
Its not that I don't miss people besides them
It's just that these four people meant so much to me
Our friendship was everything back in UTHM
It was more important than scoring in my final exam
I miss 4A so damn much
I miss hanging out with the boys until midnight at BP Mall for the sake of enjoyment and entertainment
I miss making crazy poses with the girls 
I miss all the birthday celebrations we had
I miss English class with Madam Affah & Mr Puran & the other classes
I miss all the members of section 4

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

♥  24 September 2012  ♥  

Happy Birthday to my dear sweetie  Izzati Syahirah binti Mohd Salikin 
Zaty kena lah terima hakikat yang awk tu dah tua taw
Saya muda lagi :) Weeee~

My wishes 

Semoga sihat & bertambah cergas selalu (kurang tidur)
Semoga mendapat jodoh dengan lelaki yang baik + kaya secepat mungkin... (HAHA)
Semoga persahabatan Miraishalyna kekal sehingga Jannah (Ameen..)
Semoga dilimpahkan rezeki oleh Allah SWT (Ameen..) 
Harap-harap kita dapat grad diploma bersama 
Study rajin-rajin, tamo malas-malas ( cepuk kang! )

With love,

I ♥ you BOROI

" BUNCIT sayang sangat dekat BOROI dia,
Tapi sedih, BOROI saya dah tak sayang
BUNCIT dia lagi"

Dengan tak semena-mena tangan aku menulis setelah penat menelaah buku rujukan fizik yang lebih tebal daripada pembaris 15cm...
Aku mendagu melihat coretan sendiri itu lalu menangis...
Lalu terlintas satu persoalan dalam benak fikiran ku, "Kenapa sayang mesti sakit?"
Kemudian, rutin biasa setiap kali aku menangis
Aku akan terus menerus menyalahkan diri sendiri tanpa henti


Entahla, I blame myself for falling for someone again
For not getting enough from last time's heartbreak 
But, deeply... knowing him was one of the best moments in my life
I love you, yes I do...

Awak ingat tak saya suruh awak dengar lagu Vierra - Takut
Saya tahu awak tak suka lagu tu
Tapi tak apa la, nak buat macam mana
Awak nak tahu kenapa saya bagi lagu tu?
Sebab lirik dia... memang seolah-olah tercipta untuk awak daripada saya

Ku tahu kamu bosan, ku tahu kamu jenuh
Ku tahu kamu tak tahan lagi
Ini semua salahku, ini semua sebabku
Ku tahu kamu tak tahan lagi
(jangan sedih, jangan sedih
Aku pasti setia)

Aku takut kamu pergi
Kamu hilang, kamu sakit
Aku ingin kau di sini
Di sampingku selamanya

(jangan takut, jangan sedih
Aku pasti setia)

Tapi entahla, sekarang ni rasanya macam dah putus harapan
Saya rasa macam putus asa nak menangi hati awak lagi
Saya sayang awak :'(
Saya rindu panggilan "sayang-abang" kita
Saya rindu bila awak buat lawak gila awak
Saya rindu masa dulu-dulu sebelum macam-macam masalah timbul
Saya rindu awak :'(


Colourful Cupcakes :)

Okay, when I said cupcakes, 
I don't really mean "A small cake baked in a cup-shaped container and typically iced."
Seriously no, I mean cupcakes literally...
In my own definition " people who makes my life sweeter and more colorful"
Okay, so now you're getting the picture right?


♥ Qayyum 

Okay don't get this wrong
He's my BIG BROTHER :)
And yes, I do love him very very very very much!
Life in the varsity is complicated and he eases them all 
ThankQ for everyhting BIG BRO 
And... I would just laugh everytime I remember 
How we fought...HAHA
But everytime we did, I know we'd forgive each other
Auuwwww, so sweet right ? 

♥ Miera 

This is my sweetheart Noorsazmira
The best thing about her is that
She looks so damn innocent outside
When she can be so rebellious and lunatic inside
HAHA... and when we hang out
We would do silly things together
I would share sad and happy stories with her
And she'd be a very good listener...
HEART you darling :)

♥ Zaty 

Ouh my sweetie Izzati Syahirah
She is super Cool
She would never care about what people say about her
As long as she knows she's right
She teaches me how to be strong and relax
And to ignore all those negative comments people give in our life
And thanks for the crazy moments we had!
Love you sayang... :*

♥ Didi 

This is my evil genius!
Haha we'll be a pair of lunatics when we're together
Especially when we're hearing the 'peacock' song
HAHAHA... And I just love your crappy ideas
Crappy and Silly yet good enough to make my day
ThankQ dear...

With love,