Monday, December 19, 2016

Hazelnut Allergy

This is already week 14, and today, I had to skip all my morning classes
I was not feeling well, but I have to blame myself for inviting such sickness anyway
So yesterday, a good friend of mine, Aidil Ali gave me a bar of Ritter Sports

It was this one, White Whole Hazelnuts
I am actually allerged to Hazelnuts, but... I mean see the packaging!
It's so beautiful and good looking and cute and interesting
So I thought, well, let's have one or two bites
But the white chocolate was so nice and rich
I kind of ate half afterwards... and the allergy reaction came attacking

How did it feel like?

First, I would feel like something is stucked at the throat area
Like some kind of would that I could not swallow

Then, I'll feel suppressed at the chest area
It's like there's some heavy engineering textbooks on my chest
Usually this heaviness would depend on how many hazelnut I eat
Which yeah, I admit that sometimes, I act like I'm not allerged to them

Usually, it ends just right there, but not today, no no... 
Guess that I took a little bit too much of Hazelnut last night

My tummy did not feel so well, 
Then I was feeling nausea...
Finally, I had diarrhea and vomitted a few times
So, this was the worst of all the allergic reactions I had
But still, I'm not sure if this could prevent me from eating delicious hazelnut chocolates next time
Now I truly feel what it's like to be allergic to seafood
But seeing shell out advertisements you're like craving for seafood too
Only this is a case of Hazelnut... 

The truth is, I only had Hazelnut allergy since the last 4 years
Not sure if it was not that bad before or I didn't have any at all
And only today, I thought of googling about this allergy, so let's check it out!

Here are some links that you can check out if you realize that you have "reactions" after eating hazelnuts like me :P

From this website, you can know what kind of symptoms that are commonly related to hazelnut allergy which if you have them after eating hazelnut then you are allerged to them. Nothing serious usually, but it kinds of depends on the dose of hazelnut you eat as well.... I guess

And don't worry, Hazelnut allergy is kind of common so it is perfectly normal, you're not weird

This website is more detailed on the allergy reaction that you suffer. You could have primary food allergy or secondary food allergy... well read it up! This website also helps you to prevent allergies by avoiding the source of allergy itself like if you are allergic to Hazelnuts, where can you find traces of Hazelnut and many more.

So, that is all, I guess I should be preventing Hazelnut after this, at least for now, because my tummy is still growling and it is so uncomfortable. Guess that sometimes, desire has no boundary, not even allergies. But do... take care of yourself. be healthy, don't be like me!


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