Monday, November 15, 2010

4 October 2010 (Thanks)

Happy Birthday to Me :)
yeay! I'm 16 already ...
Getting older and more mature , i guess ...
Thanks to some people that my birthday such a meaningful birthday this year :)
Especially the 'night-surprise' my gang gave me 
I was already asleep when Azreen wake me up and told me ...
"Eh , bangon laaa . Ni budak2 ne tadi buat heart-to-heart . Tak pasal bangkit pasal tak puas hati ngan kau ."
Hehehe .... Well actually 
It was a terrific act of Dila , Didi and Jannah
They poured baby talcum on me ...
I mean lots of talcum ...
I'm like a living zombie at Aspuri's level 2
Then , when i was trying to wash up all the mess
They rubbed mixed talcum and liquid hand soap on me 

Anyway , special thanks to :
  • Najaa 'Aliah 
  • Ng See Yee
  • Nurazreen Ezzaty 
  • Nor Faradila
  • Nurfarihatul Jannah
  • Nurul Aisyah
  • Siti Nur Hadirah 
  • Nur Khaleeda Baharuddin 

For your gifts :))


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