Sunday, November 11, 2012

Final Exam Result

One Word to describe my final examination result :

Seriously, I mean...
I am certainly not the type of person that would spend my leisure time doing revision
I am not a bookworm, I love to read but academi-related books... NO
I am not one of those 'bright-students' loved by the lecturers
In fact, I always get low marks during quizzes & tests

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah

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So let's do a little post-mortem for my exam results
I was super afraid that I am going to fail my Physics
Alhamdulillah for C+
Yeah, that C+ dragged a lot of my pointer
But I am grateful enough that I pass

As for Precalculus, B+ is good enough for me
I swear that I freaked out in the examination hall during Precalculus Exam
I did the past year questions from 2009 until 2011
And, yeah...I found them easy peasy
And ... tadaaaa, suddenly the current paper turned out to be so hard
They mixed formulas!

So thank God for B+...

And for the others...
Thank God for the As especially for Chemistry

Plans for next Semester :

  No more enjoying life to the max
 I need to be more focus in classes
 Skip less classes than last semester
 Score well for quizzes & tests to make sure I bring in front high carry marks
 Recite Yaasiin every Thursday night
 Perform 'sujud syukur' for every good things in life
  Take my Transfer Factor every single day
 Take my meds when I'm sick

That's all I guess... hope that I can obey every single plan I've made :)

Lyna Amalina :)

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