Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One Married Ex

So, a few months ago,
My ex sent a message inviting me to his wedding
And I was like, WOW...
He's getting married at the age of 20
And here I am, living my life
Being single for one year & 11 days already

Well, we all have different priorities to settle down first
And in my life, marriage is important
But my education is much much much more imperative
My dad will be retiring at the age of 60 which is another 4 years
So I need to make sure that my education will get me a good job
To help my parents & sisters in the future
Then, I'll think of getting married to my future Zauj ( husband )

So, to Ramli Ahmad & Farra Farhana Ridzuan
Congratulations on your wedding day!
May Allah bless your marriage :)

p/s : Haven't achieve one of my life goals which is attend and ex's wedding
Well, there's still a few more ex left...

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