Monday, January 27, 2014

What Does My Hijab Means To Me ?

So, World Hijab Day is just around the corner
And so, the Student Representative council of UiTM Terengganu
Decided to promote this World Hijab Day by organising several events.
One of the event is to take a picture with your own slogan about hijab.
And so yesterday, we went for a walk as far as 500 m to the lake wearing our fancy dresses just for the sake of a photoshoot to enter the contest
Unfortunately, the contest ended yesterday, before we even manage to upload our pictures
So, I think I wanna share my pictures here in my blog

Have been wearing hijab since the end of 2006 until now
And I don't have plans of removing it
Never ever had the feeling of removing it anyway
Yes, sometimes it's hot, it makes me feel dizzy &  stuffy and all
But I love it, I love how it makes me feel so protected and secure

To be honest, during my primary schooldays
I don't wear the hijab except after mid sem break of primary 6
And at that time, all the ustazs and ustazahs in my school would aim me
They bombarded me with questions... 
"Why don't I wear the hijab to school?" bla..bla..bla
An Ustazah even thought that I didn't wear the tudung because my mom refrained me from doing so
Which is of course not right,
And the curiosity of these Ustazs & Ustazahs became higher
When everytime they ask me questions, I'd just smile with no answer coming out from my mouth
I just don't know what to answer, that's all...

But after I reached my puberty,
I wore the hijab myself, without anyone asking me to do so,
I can still remember the first day I put on my scarf going to public
My dad looked at me and smiled... "Alhamdulillah", he said
Well, my dad is quite a piousner... and I know having 3 daughters sure made him worry
I know he was worried of me getting older but still never even tested the hijab
After the first day of wearing the hijab, I never removed it until now
And Alhamdulillah, same goes to my sisters
Our stories with hijab is similar
Don't practice wearing the hijab before, but after puberty
We decided to make hijab our permanent 'style'.

It is not 'us' that should be praised to
It's our parents, our mum & dad who fed us with sufficient Islamic values
I know some parents would train their children to wear the hijab at such a young age
But different from our parents, they gave us knowledge
They taught us that having to wear the hijab is compulsory when we reach our puberty
They taught us that hijab we need to cover our aurah properly 
They taught us everything we should know
But never ever ever force or ask us to put on the hijab
With the knowledge of the hijab they've given
Alhamdulillah all three of us wears the hijab ourselves after our puberty
This is awkward, having to type puberty like a thousand times..haha

So, what does my hijab means to me?
It means a lot
It means saving my parents & myself from going astray
It means covering my aurah to show my loyalty and faith to the creator
It means protecting myself from danger 
It means sustaining my the beauty given by Allah

Dear sisters out there that haven't yet wear the hijab, come with me. Let's grab Allah's bless by covering ourselves with modest clothes and scarves to cover the hair. Trust me, it won't degrade your beauty :)
Let's wear the hijab :)

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