Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pictures of Kitty Cats & Their Mom

I am an animal lover, especially when it comes to animals with fur, fluffy fur! 
So, tonight, I just thought of sharing my favourite kitten & mom pictures
Warning : They are super adorable!

Awww... sleeping ad cuddling together. 

Hahaha... I can think of a few funny dialogues for this picture.

Wow... They actually have the same pattern!

Awwww.... so cute

You have been naughty haven't you?! 

Two Fury Balls! 

Karate lessons with mom

I love you mommy!

Okay, this is not the biological mom but it's her mom.
The kitten's name is Mushu and she's an orphan while the snow dog is Luna. 
They've been inseparable ever since Luna took care of Mushu. Cute huh? 

Here's another good story to share.
Wee little kitten was abandoned by her mom as a runt and this is her new mommy!

Meet Koko the gorilla.
So she's not the mother but she loves kittens!
Kittens are so calm around Koko because she has that motherly instinct
You can have a sneak peek on Koko's videos on youtube ; Koko Gets A Kitty Visit

Thanks for looking! 
And thanks Google Images!


James Inderson said...

These are so cute and very funny. I really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

Funny Pet LOL

Leena said...

You're Welcome :)
Glad to share it...