Saturday, September 18, 2010

Credits people (Chapter1)

This is probably my last day at home 
I'm heading back to MJSC Mersing
That "lovely" hostel of mine 
Well , we(students) prefer calling it "ThePrison"

Okay , that was not what I intend to wrote for this entry actually 
For this last day at home for this Eid Holidays 
I would like to give credits to some people that had colorized my life :) 

They are my cocaine , crystal and nicotine
<3<3<3 I'll be suffocate surviving life without them <3<3<3 

Without you people 
OMG! Life would be super-duper-extremely bleak :)
This is Haqrie Sabri :)
My dearest brother ...
Looking at his picture , you would already know that his the kind of person 
That is Happy-Go-Lucky!
It's very fun chatting with him 
Thanks Hulk :D
This is Aisyah Rahman :)
My best pal since I was in primary 3 i think!
Lets just say we've been besties since ever!
She's so understanding 
I swear I miss her when I did'nt get to see her during my holidays
Mwahhxxx darl! Love you :D
This is Aimi Anisah :)
You can call her mimi , amy ...
But nowadays she's using the name Mimie Afinie 
She's just totally cool and pretty :)
She looks so beautiful in anything 
Most probably because of her natural beauty and her talent in fashion
I'll always love you 
Thanks for still being a good friend of mine dear:)
XOXO hunn!
This is Sis Nady
Swear I love her so much 
Such a luvable and caring person 
She's cute rite ???
She's just one of my nominee to the "Nicest Person Alive"
Love you !
Goodluck for SPM dear :D
This is Aidi ...
He's a very sensitive and caring person 
We often quarrel about stupid things 
But we love each other as friends :)
Thanks dear Aidi for making this imperfect life 
Perfect enough for me 

Introducing Fauzan Johari a.k.a. Pojan
I don't know what to elaborate bout this guy 
Let's just say , i'm comfortable being his friend
I hope he feels the same
He's so into trendy things like shuffle , tectonics , fashions and stuff
Interesting things to talk about with each other 
Thanks boy!

  Wait for the next chapter
You might be in it Baby ! LOL :D

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