Monday, September 6, 2010

Why Faiz and Amalina could not make it after all ...

I don't know why but this topic had been flashing in my mind a few times after I last contacted Faiz . I guess you must be bombarded with questions like " WHO IS THIS FAIZ ?" ... so let me introduce to you briefly about Faiz okay ?

This is Muhd Faiz bin Hussin
Born and raised in Balik Pulau , Pulau Pinang 
He's currently going to be 21 years this year
Taking Civil Engineering Course at UiTM Shah Alam 

I guess this is enough ... 
We broke up 2 months ago . 3 days after I headed back to MJSC Mersing . Yeah , typically it was a heartache and some "TANGKI AYAK PECAH" according to my best pal Nurul Aishah or a.k.a as Sam Rhys . Don't ask me why she has a really weird nickname ... I can't really find the logic answer . I was down ... very very very frustrated with such poor relationship ending we had . I mean ... we quarreled , blaming each other ... Not an ending that could start a new relationship as friends. I kept thinking about us , and to gainsay that " we could succeed in this relationship " , I made out with some factors . 

Faiz is currently studying at a higher level than me which is in University so the level of our matureness ,thinking , living are totally different . Yes , both of us can say that we are "SAMA KEPALA" before , but in reality we have different thoughts about most of the things in life . For example , Thinkings on love according to our age . I am 16 , and probably , the main reason for me to involve in"couple-couple" is just because its fun when someone loved , cared about us but in the age of 20 something a guy is probably seeking for a "real-stock" ... the one that he thinks could survive until marriage ? Or maybe a one that is on the same path with him . So ... save your dreams Amalina , its not gonna make it . Maybe ... but damn hard :(

this is how i feel when we broke up :(

Factor No. 2
Faiz and I never even met before , so we don't really know each other thoroughly . We've been contacting each other using messenger , emails , text messages . That's all ! Have you ever heard of a malay proverb saying "TAK KENAL MAKA TAK CINTA" , that's how it's like . We do say we love each other , we know each other , but still there's missing pieces in our knowledge on each other .

Factor No. 3
We live so faraway . He's in Penang and I'm in Johor . So ... it's really hard for this relationship to survive right ? But I'm okay now . I 'm lucky to have good friends that always cheer me up whenever I'm down .Thank You SweetHEARTS!

Faiz +Lyna
20 October 2009 ~ 24 June 2010   


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