Sunday, February 16, 2014

Why are you taking medical studies?

Last night was indeed a frustrating night,
I was sent to the emergency ward of 'Klinik Kesihatan Bukit Besi'
And the Medical Assistant referred me to Hospital Dungun because of the seriousness of my disease
So I rode an ambulance to Dungun and as I arrive inside its emergency ward is when the frustrating part begins

I have a record of my disease
In meaning that the doctor working at that time can immediately make some tests,
And bring me to the next level of the treatment process,
UNFORTUNATELY, the doctor was an asshole
Sorry for using inappropriate words but yeah, he was 'it'

Why am I so pissed off?
Because he was rude & did not do his work!
As I entered the emergency hall, he immediately ask the nurse from Bukit Besi
"So, what's your doctor doing? Sleeping?"
The nurse faked a smile and left me to be treated
Then he complained about others getting their sleep but not him
He did not do anything else accept sit and blabber about stupid things
He told the story of him getting a black warning letter from the administration
He told his medical assistants that he's hungry

Yes, I am angry because I did not get the treatment I am suppose to have
But I am much more angry that he did not do anything about the other patients
On my left was an 8 months baby having fever at 39.8 degress celcius
The mother told the nurse that 3 days ago she came in for treatment
Because the baby's body temperature was 40.3 degrees celcius
It cooled down for a few days then increase back

On my right is a 6 months baby with very long eyelashes
Couldn't stop crying maybe because of pain
Her body temperature was 38.6 degrees celcius
Her mom kept on scrubbing her back with a wet towel to decrease the temperature

In front of me were old patients,I believe aged 50 and above
Suffering from high blood pressure & asthma
One of them was breathing heavily, gasping for oxygen
Suffocating, barely able to breathe
The other one rubbed her head continuously

So where's the doctor?

He was on his spinning chair
Giving non-stop orders to his nurses
Gossiping about other doctors & hospital staffs
Complaining about having to stay up and having lots of patients
Wanting a raise in his salary & allowances
Making stupid jokes, laughing with his medical assistants

Boo you, doctor Tan ! Boo you !

I seriously hate these types of doctors
It's obvious that they only pursue medical studies to get the 'fame' & 'fortune' promised
So this is a warning to all the doctors & future doctors that have the above mission
You're not qualified to be a doctor, hell no!
Be a celebrity then, if you want to be famous & rich
Because you don't have sympathy or empathy & worst perhaps you don't even have humanity

Hippocratic Oath

"....and I will do no harm or injustice to them."
"...I will enter them for the benefit of the sick, avoiding any voluntary act of impropriety or corruption..."

I thought that doctors have to learn & practice the message conveyed in the Hippocratic oath?

p/s : If you're a doctor & you're not really becoming a good doctor, then change!
       Be a good doctor to your patients, because if they're capable of handling their sickness
       They wouldn't resort you at the first place
       They look up to you for because of your title in the community & your knowledge
       Don't you think it's upsetting if you don't give them the help they need?
       If you will become a doctor and only aiming for fame & fortune
       Please ! Change your intentions now !
       Because it is gonna be such a waste to study & spend hard on your studies
       But in the end you don't really contribute much to the community
       Shame on you! Shame!


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