Wednesday, December 24, 2008

METAL GEAR SOLID 3 : Snake Eater

Thanks for introducing this great game to me ; Abang Syah Fis

I was chit-chatting with Bro Syah on Yahoo Messenger yesterday when he asked me if i want to hear a soldier-story and so i said yes . The title was "Snake Eater" . This story is actually based on a playstation 2 game ... Metal Gear Solid 3 .

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Jack a.k.a. Snake Eater

Here Goes the story :

I can't understand the begining of this story ... So if you're really are interested in knowing story ...

You can try this website

Jack or codename snake eater was sent to Soviet jungle for the "Operation Snake Eater" . I guess that nickname of Jack is weird and so i asked bro Syah about that weird nickname of Jack's . He was suppose to have a nickname so he picked the name "Snake Eater " because of the training he had in a jungle before .

Ok ...Lets continue with the story . Ok so this " Operation Snake Eater " mission is to defeat the Cobra Unit and to destroy the facilities and Shagohod tank of theirs .

The Cobra Unit :
  1. The boss a.k.a. the joy
  2. The end { can become one of the invironment }
  3. The fear { superhuman speed and agility, as well as his freakish, fearsome appearance }
  4. The Fury{ utilizes a flame-resistant Soviet space suit in conjunction with a jet pack and a powerful flamethrower }
  5. The pain { ability to control hornets at his own will }
  6. The Sorrow { powerful spirit medium }

Supporting Characters :

  1. Volgin { Eletric Powers }
  2. Sokolov { weapons specialist }
  3. Ocelot
  4. Granin
  5. Raikov

P/S : This is a great game !!! Get this game and enjoy yourself playing it ... especially boys .

website : .com { search keyword : mgs3 snake eater }

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