Friday, January 27, 2012

Designing the bedroom ( guided by the colour chrome)

People tend to design their bedroom using their favourite colour
And indeed that is such a wonderful idea
This is because it's your bedroom
And you need to be in a really comfortable and calm condition 
When you are in the bedroom
However, it could be a disaster if you're designing your room
Using only a particular tone of a colour
For instance, you love red...
So, the whole room would be in solid red

Disastrous ... 
So, what you can do is..
You should vary the tones...
You should get guide from a colour chrome...
Colour chromes comes in many shapes and sizes
You can refer to the ones you think is most easy to be understood

Examples of colour chromes...

Basically, the colour chrome shows different tones of a colour when it is added with whether white or black.
And if you are considering to design the bedroom with more than one colour
I would like to advise you to refer the colour wheel before you begin
Check for the colours' compability first then make your decision

It is good to use colours within a group for your bedroom

These are examples of bedroom that disobey the rules of colours when designing a bedroom

There is no variety for the colour
It's beautiful but it is kind of dull

Something is wrong with the colour combination

A disastrous colour combination ...

Here are some excellent examples of beautiful bedrooms

Lavender & White
# White and black are neutral colours that usually will blend in with any colours

The combination is just nice
It produces a very calm but exciting mood

A combination of blue and brown
It's like a combination of sea and woods
Sounds very calm and cozy

It uses different tones of red... nice

Using different tones of brown and orange...

Black, purple & white ... super elegant

Different tones of red and white...

A good combination of white &black
Two neutral colours yet it is not boring 

p/s : All about the colour

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