Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Love Never Dies

Recently I made a Facebook status, 
And as usual, a very frank one ... 

So, if you are wise enough about love
You might get it ; my status
Yes, Its very hard forgetting the first love
That everyday, NO! 
Every second of my life won't be perfect
If I'm not thinking about him

So, then...a very good friend of mine commented 

I don't know why?
But I actually cried reading his first comment

So, have you ever been in the same position as me?
Do you agree if I say that 'first love never dies?'

I always pray to God to take away this feeling towards him . Everyday, when I open my eyes, there's this tinsy tiny ache striking in my heart realizing that I still love him. It really hurts... when actually we can't even see the wounds. If only that particular person could understand the pain i have to go through every single day. 

p/s : First love never dies, and the pain goes on and on... and YES, it hurts.


Iffika | Ruslan said...


i did pray to God too . To take away the feeling .

And now it work ! But the pain will stay .

Leena said...

But my feelings didn't ...
I got through 8 months of suffer
I still love him :(