Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cinta Gila?!

Bukti yang cinta itu memang buta, bisu , pekak & kadangkala bodoh juga

Okay, the story begins when she first met her in live
Before this she only knows his name on Facebook
But, she thought "I don't know this guy"
But after a long day with him
She realised that she's attracted to him
Maybe because of his charming ways
Of smiling, laughing, talking and even walking?

However, she's not that available
And sadly so is he
So ... guess there won't be anything going on

Perhaps being friends are better?
HAHAHA ayat nak sedapkan hati lah nie kan?
Hope that he won't know that she has feelings for him...
She thinks this is just the type of feeling
That could last for a few days
And then gone with the wind
Lets just hope so, okay?

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