Sunday, July 10, 2011

Interational Understanding Day , Thanks !

Thanks Izbeta Shyah for inviting to IU Day that was so fantastic <3
I swear i loved it ...

Thanks to those wonderful people
Yang tak kenal pun aku / baru kenal but acted so friendly :)

Fahmi , Jia Wen , Izbeta Shyah

I dont know why
But I enjoyed every single moment last day
Thanks a lot to SMKUT Interact club
For such a memorable event

Makan-makan time
I'm doing the same pose as Jia Wen

The *Silly girls?* pose

Best table ever?!

After a good nice lunch :)
Thank you NY Hotel

And... OMG OMG i get to meet Elle Othman :)
<3<3 So glad <3<3

That's her..
And behind her is me...
Too bad I was too shy to approach her friendly
But she kind to me though ... love her style <3<3<3
Last day was PURRFECT!

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