Sunday, July 10, 2011

In love with Maria Elena :)

Some people adore her
While others gave their bitchy comments about her
Me? I'm on the positive side
I think she's AWESOME :)

5 reasons why I think she's awesome :)
 She's not a hypocrite!
 She pretty
 She's hillarious!
 She's an animal lover <3
She's just Awesome :)

Tapi kesian kat aku meh ...
My peeps in college knew her for a long time already
While me? Aku baru kenal dia around 6 days ago
Malu ...ketinggalan zaman rupanya aku

BTW, sepanjang 6 hari nie...
Aku dah habis baca semua entry dia
Aku dah like dia kat Facebook
Aku dah khatam tengok video dia kat Youtube
Coclusion : I adore you

I just love watching this video over and over again

I think they're just too SWEET :)
And the best part is that ...
Maria Elena jadi diri sendiri
She was being originally herself
Tak perlu nak cover-cover ayu depan BF

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