Sunday, July 10, 2011

So Glad I Didn't LoseHim

This is Firdaus Samsudian
We were best friends and i hope we could be once again
I miss him so much
 I miss our craziness when we are together
Ingat lagi tak?

Finally, after more than 2 years of searching for his number
Malam semalam i got it!
From a friend who can's stop smiling
Even when i ask him to quit smiling...
Tapi tak apa lah, sangat comel dia senyum :)

Semalam texting dengan firdaus rasa janggal sangat
Tapi teruja + excited + happy + relief
Akhirnya, contact jugak
I wanted to start " Saya - awak"
Tapi malu... so I used "Lyna - Daus"
Hahaha... macam pelik semacam je

BTW, Thank you Allah for giving the chance to contact him
Hope we won't lost contact anymore
Then, I have to spend another 2 years to find him
Penat , DUHH!*

Rindu awkk Firdaus :)

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