Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Michelle Phan

Saje jek buat post nie
Sebab lately ni aku selalu sangat tengok video Michelle Phan kat youtube tu 
And aku rasa... Ouh! Comelnya manusia sorang nie 
Even without makeup , she looks gorgeous!!!

Michelle Phan is a Vietnamese American born on the11th April 1987.
As known as Ricebunny instead of Michelle Phan.
She's a makeup artist , model and fashionista 

 Innocent Look <3

Romantic look <3 

 Cheeky Look <3

Pure Asia Look <3 
 Creepy Look <3
Without Makeup Look <3  

She looks beautiful in all ways 
Thats why i Love Michelle Phan

If you dont know her ... 
Or you haven't her name before i mention it on my blog 

Love Michelle Phan <3

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