Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Minutes Survey :)

Starting time : 12:53 [ lewatnya aku tido :P ]

Name : Lyna Amalina
Brother(s) : Kandung tak adalaa angkat2 timang2 ada
Eye colour : Black?
Shoe Size : 8 , 9 (most of the times) , kadang2 10 [i noe gigantic]
Hair : Lebat , ikal , hitam
Piercings : Telinga tapi subang hilang :P
What are you wearing right now? : T-shirt kuning , Seluar tidur pink! Yang lain tak payah sebuk!
Where do you live? : Satu taman dengan Izbeta Shyah :)
Favourite number : 7 , 5 & 594
Favourite Drink : Air masak 
Favourite Breakfast : Nasi Lemak & Lontong Kering [ YUMMY!]

Have I Ever???

Broke a bone: Penah , my radius & ulna [ ha? kat mana tu ?]
Been in a police car: Penah , gi jalan2 masa kadet polis :P
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : Pernah 
Swam in the ocean : Berenang tak kot , mandi-manda sajee
Fallen asleep in school : Kepakaran saya !
Broken someone's heart : Pernah kot
Cried when someone died : HEA MRSM Mersing yang dulu
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Pernah ... merana sungguh!
Save emails : Hobi zaman anak2
Been cheated on : Pernah laa


Is your room like : Cuboid in 3D ... Small blue bedroom
What is right beside you : Gas , space , curtain , window , air 
What is the last thing you ate : Bread & Scrambled egg


Did you last yell at : Urmh ...Syasya kot 
What did you do today : Tusyen , Tengok TV , Makan , Online , Tido 
Are you the oldest : Sama seperti jawapan Izbeta Shyah :) Bangga!
Indoors or Outdoors : Both 

Today you did 

Talk to someone : Mama , Syasya , Sir Mokhtar , Shukri 
Kiss anyone : Mama <3
Sing :Hari-hari saya nyanyi ...LALALALA
Talk to an ex : Harini tidak ouh ...semalam saje
Miss someone : Yup ...ramai pulak tu
Eat : Mati den kalau tak makan

Last person 

You talked to on the phone : Moin comel ! 
Made you cry : Hahaha ntah ... no komen
You went to the mall with : Mama <3
Who cheered you up : Zul , Alifie , Aidi

Have you??? 

Been to Mexico : Never Ever!
Been to USA : In my dreams :)


Have a crush on someone : Yess
What book are you reading right now : Detik Terindah 
Best Feelings in the world : To be with the person you love and loves you laah!
Future Kids Name : Mengarot jek!
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : Yess , Muffin , Baby and many more :D
What is under your bed : Buku , Treasure chest haha!
Favourite sport(S) : Badminton , Basketball 
Favourite Place : Mana2 yang best . Can't really decide
What do you really hate : Hypocrites ... Liars!
Do you have a job : Dulu laaa ... jual maggi , jual burger , jual nasi lemak ... skarang takde
What time is it now : 1:14

TagTagTime :)

2)Najaa 'Aliah
4)Hadifa Syifa
5)Nurul Hafikah 

I'll check on you guys later okay ??? :P
Izbeta Shyah ! Amek kau! Amacam???


IZBΞTΛ said...

hamboih kau.! ngeh ngeh ngeh.! aku saje je men tag2, HAHA, kurang kerja doe.!

Leena said...

hahaha aku pon
memang tade keje
membalas tag anda!!!